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July 13, 2017
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Should I Neuter or Spay My Indoor Cat?
October 13, 2017

When it comes to fleas and ticks, prevention is always better than waiting until you have a problem! But how long should we give medication to prevent ticks and fleas in Kentucky?

Should I Treat for Fleas In Winter in Kentucky?

As long as the environment we inhabit is warm, fleas will continue to live and lay eggs, meaning fleas can be a problem all year long. If you have had fleas in the home environment, eggs can lay dormant for many months and can hatch and re-infest your pet at any time.

Staying on flea prevention through the winter might seem excessive, but we have all seen insects buzzing around in January and February when those warm spells hit. Be assured fleas are another pest that will re-emerge when the opportunity arises.

Are Ticks A Concern During Winter Months?

What about ticks? The three main ticks we see in central Kentucky are the American Dog Tick, the Lone Star Tick, and the Black-legged Tick, also known as the Deer Tick. The first 2 species tend to go dormant during Fall and Winter, but the Deer Tick, the one known to carry Lyme Disease, can be active any time the temperature rises above 45 degrees. As previously mentioned, our winters can be mild, increasing the chance that exposure to deer ticks can occur.

Is Flea and Tick Treatment A Big Deal?

Fleas and ticks are pests we all like to avoid. They are not just a nuisance—fleas can cause skin irritation that can lead to infection, and ticks can spread infectious diseases that can make your pet, and you, very sick. These pests have the potential to remain with your pet all year round. When mild weather brings early spring, fleas and ticks can come out earlier and in greater numbers than expected.

What Do You Recommend I Use for Prevention?

Monthly flea prevention is easy when you use a product such as Sentinel Spectrum for preventing both heartworms and fleas. Bravecto is our favorite product for preventing fleas AND ticks and has the convenience of lasting for 3 months. Using both products helps control all phases of the flea life cycle, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. That’s great news for your pet!

More About How to Prevent Ticks and Fleas in Kentucky

Not sure which preventive strategy is best for you and your pet? We can help you determine how to best protect your pets and prevent ticks and fleas in Kentucky. Give us a call or drop us a line! We are here to answer your questions and help formulate a plan to keep your pet free of fleas and ticks all year round!



  1. Rebecca Brann says:

    My dog had fleas, i think they are in my house, what can I do?live in Kentucky.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Rebecca!

    Fleas are active in Kentucky year round so pets should be on a good flea kill product year-round. We recommend Bravecto because one dose lasts for 12 weeks and kills both Fleas and ticks and we know it works. You will also need to treat your home and the pet’s bedding. All that scratching can also cause skin infections and your pet may need treatment for that. We have answers for all of your flea problems! Just give us a call and we will be happy to help.