Health Services for Your Pets

Your pets deserve the best care available and we dedicate ourselves to providing it.


We want to help you keep your pets happy and healthy. Prevention of health issues is the key to helping you to enjoy a long and happy life with your pet. To learn even more about the importance of regular medical checkups for your pets, you can visit our Wellness page.

Puppy Wellness

Services - Puppy Wellness
The first wellness exam is an important way to get your puppy off to a healthy start in life. During that initial visit we will perform a thorough physical exam and parasite screen. We will also tailor a proper vaccination program for your new friend and answer any questions you might have about raising your new family member such as housebreaking, nutrition and behavior.

Kitten Wellness

Kitten Wellness Services - Animal Hospital of Danville
A new kitten is an exciting addition to your family but that little friend can also bring many questions and concerns. At your kitten’s first visit we will perform a thorough physical exam and parasite screen and get them started on their proper vaccinations. We will also help you navigate all those questions about nutrition, litterbox training and behavior.

Canine Wellness

Canine wellness
Annual wellness exams are the most important thing you can do to keep your dog healthy throughout their lifetime. Our canine companions cannot tell us when they are not feeling well so early detection and treatment will help to assure that they have a longer and higher quality of life.

Feline Wellness

Feline Wellness - Danville Animal Hospital - Kentucky
Annual wellness exams are the most important thing you can do to keep your cat healthy throughout their lifetime. Our feline friends are masters at hiding health problems from us and so bringing them in for their yearly exam will help them have a longer and more comfortable life.


Vaccines for Your Pets

Vaccines are an important part of preventive care. They can protect pets from serious diseases. The proper vaccine protocol for your individual pet is based on many factors including lifestyle, age, breed, and medical history. Therefore, we evaluate your pet’s need for vaccines in conjunction with a comprehensive preventive care exam.


Senior Pet Care Vet
Pets age at a faster rate than humans and so we recommend biannual exams for our pets that are over seven years of age. Our senior exams include a comprehensive blood panel and urinalysis and will address problems older pets encounter such as joint pain, heart, liver, and kidney disease, nutritional changes, and slowing of physical and mental agility.


Even with the best health care and wellness care approaches, there may be a time when your favorite furry friend becomes sick or gets injured. We offer doctors with emergency care experience and a full-service care facility to help you get the care your pet needs.

Surgical Services

Our skilled health care team performs routine and advanced surgery for our patients. We utilize pre surgical blood testing, IV fluid therapy and the safest gas anesthetic available to veterinarians today. Patients are monitored using a Vital Scan and EKG Monitor and body temperature is maintained with a patient warming system. Patient comfort and pain relief are an integral part of our practice philosophy. All patients are provided the latest in pain management before, during and after surgery. For more information, visit our Surgical Services page.

Onsite and Online Pharmacies

Our pharmacy allows us to provide your pet’s medications to you at the time of your visit, to get your pet on the road to recovery immediately. We also offer medications to control fleas, ticks, intestinal parasites and heartworms in our hospitals. In addition, we offer an online pet pharmacy so that your pet’s medications can easily be ordered and shipped right to your home!

Digital Radiology

Radiology for pets Xray in Danville Kentucky
If your pet’s condition requires x-rays we provide digital radiology. This sophisticated technology can help our veterinarians view high quality digital images that help accurately diagnose fractures, foreign objects and other abnormalities.

In-House Lab

In house labratory for Danville KY Veterinarian
Our in-house lab allows us to get the results we need to help your pet when time is critical. Blood test results which are available in minutes instead of days allows us to more quickly and accurately diagnose and treat your pet’s condition.


Bad breath is not normal for dogs and cats! All that plaque and tarter on their teeth lead to that bad breath and can also lead to gingivitis, tooth loss, heart, kidney and liver problems and pain. Pets need good oral care just like we do. During a teeth cleaning we will place your pet safely under anesthesia and examine each tooth for problems such as fractures and mobility. We will perform full mouth digital radiographs to evaluate the condition of the teeth below the gum line. The teeth are then scaled and polished to remove the tarter and plaque helping to keep your pet’s mouth healthy and pain free. To learn more about the importance of dental care for your pet, visit or Pet Dental Care page and see the dramatic difference in our before and after photos.


We use medical procedures and prescription drugs when they are indicated, but we also have doctors and techs who are trained to use less invasive means to help improve your pet's health when possible to restore mobility and to reduce pain for your pet. We believe your pet deserves to return to the best natural health state possible, and we work with them and with you to help achieve the highest quality of life for your furry family members.


If your pet is suffering from allergies, chronic ear infections or reoccurring skin problems we can help. These conditions can make your pet miserable and our veterinarians can offer a variety of treatments to alleviate the excessive scratching, licking, hair loss, biting and chewing of the skin that comes along with these problems.


We provide a number of other services at one, or both, of our Animal Hospital locations. If you need services not listed here, please contact us and we will let you know if we offer them, or we will refer you to a facility that does. We prioritize your pets health.


When you have to be away from home, we can care for the physical, emotional and social needs of your pet. Learn more about our kennels and our boarding services, as well as our pre-boarding requirements on our Pet Boarding page.

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