Indications Your Pet Has Dental Problems

  • Bad Breath - this is the number one - and the first - clue that your cat or dog may need a dentist
  • Loose Teeth/Tooth Loss
  • Discolored Teeth/Heavy Tartar
  • Bleeding from mouth
  • Pain reaction when you touch mouth area
  • Unusual Drooling
  • Dropping Food from mouth/Difficulty Chewing
  • Weight Loss, Food Refusal

Does Your Dog or Cat Need a Dentist?

Good dental health is as essential to overall health for your pets as it is for you.

Periodontal disease is the most prevalent illness in both dogs and cats, with 60% of dogs and cats developing periodontal disease as early as 3 years of age. Yet, the majority of pet owners do not provide dental care -- even those who are careful to give their pets all the other nutrition, exercise, health care, toys and love they need.

Preventing Dental Problems in Pets

Cleaning to remove plaque and tartar is the best way to prevent your pet from developing dental issues. A professional dental cleaning will include a thorough cleaning above and beneath the gum-line to prevent problems before they start and an inspection below the gum-line to address any existing periodontal diseases or potential problems early to help keep your pet healthy.

Dental X-Rays

Full mouth oral digital x-rays are taken for each patient. This offers a view of below the gumline, the root and the interior of the teeth. Although it's unusual for pets to have cavities, the bacteria that lives in and on tartar and plaque affects the function of the liver and kidneys and can travel through the entire blood and organ system causing damage there as well as causing tooth loss.

Your Local Dog Dentist and Cat Dentist

We often get pet dental care referrals from veterinary practices in Richmond, Danville, Lexington and surrounding areas.

Before and After - Dental Care for Dogs

Pet Dental Care: Need a Dog Dentist? Cat Tooth Care?Pet Dental Care: Need a Dog Dentist? Cat Tooth Care?

Before and After - Dental Care for Cats

Pet Dental Care: Need a Dog Dentist? Cat Tooth Care?Pet Dental Care: Need a Dog Dentist? Cat Tooth Care?

Get Them The Care They Need

Does your cat need dental care? Looking for a dog dentist? The Animal Hospital of Danville  knows how vital dental health is to the overall health of your pet. (Dental health in animals is as important as it is for humans.) Poor dental health can lead to a host of health issues for your pet.

If you need a dog dentist or dental care for your feline friend, call us.